Thursday, October 29, 2009

MGEM backwater action saturday and sunday smallies and catfish

I got out with Jack and Dave for a Gem kids outing. the only thing missing was the kids, we has a lot of last minute cancellations. oh well, we still went, and had lots of fun, with crappie, bluegill, yellow perch, and largemouth bass willing to bite jigs tipped with plastic minnows in 1 to 5 ft of water

Here is andrew with some nice slabs

Dave gets a nice bass

Mitch nails a crappie
A good gill
slab for me

we got some nice perch too!

Cow bass?

I got out sunday after watching the vikings get beat, for a little smallie action on the river. met Jim Mc"fly" bonin, and fished for about an hour. i was getting fish steady on a chartruse shad gulp alive minnow until it started getting dark, then it looked like it was done, when bang! reared into a big fish, I thought it would be a huge bass, but it turned out to be a channel catfish. got another cat, and a walleye then called it quits.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blue gill catching with CK and Boone

CK got me hooked up with boone and we headed up with his boat for some great panfish action!
They started slow, we would find some but when we stopped to fish them they would disappear, kittish i guess.
I rigged up a slider float at around 22 ft in 25 ft of water to get out away from the boat and cover more water. Not much at first, but in a while i started nailing them.
Soon we were all getting lots of fish out from the boat.
Later they started getting less boat shy and we were able to verticle jig them watching them come up and take our baits on the flasher.
CK and Boone got all their fish with the jig, I tried many different lures, settling on a Lindy fatboy with 2 waxworms for most of my fish. I also took some on a Lindy flyer spoon packed with waxworms.
I had a great time, will have to do it again with you, thanks!

I got a pair of 10 1/4 inchers

Boone got the big gill of the day with this 10 1/4 incher!

CK with a good pike, fun on UL !

More sunfish

Also got some keeper crappies mixed in.

Nice gills

pretty colors

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More backwater action 10-10

I got out for some more backwater action last Saturday. with the colder temps and snow, the bass really got active and provided steady action on various plastics casting around shore cover. Crappies were biting too, but harder to find this week, I got my slabs on plastics and a 1/32 oz leadhead 3 to 10 ft down.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rainy day Slabs

Jack took me out in his boat for some backwater fishing south of Alma Wi, on the Missisippi. got into some nice slabs, also got a few bass, pike and bluegills.
i got them on 1/32 oz leadhead with a 2 inch power minnow.



More nice crappies