Friday, June 27, 2008

Bluegills on poppers!

Me and Ben got got for some tubin saturday afternoon. the bite was kind of slow, mostly small fish.
Ben had to leave early and I was too tired to back up and hit a different lake, so I stuck around and got my flyrod out and tied on a popper.
That was the right choice, and I started getting some good gills, when it got later in the day they really started going, I had a topwater strike on almost every cast!

Out on the water


first fish of the day

If you look really carefully you can see lots of tiny fish, they were young of the year largemouth bass, there were thousands of them all around me, looks like we had a good spawn this year!

gill on the popper

nice colors

One big brim

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2nd GEM kids fishing camp pics

Another successful week at camp, dave sent me the pics and they are up at the GEMKIDS blog

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunnie evening

I got out in the float tube for a couple of hours after work wednsday.
I finally got the fly rod out, but couldn't find my sunfish flies!
I found one that was kind of junky but i got a few fish. Switched to a 1/80th T.H.E. jig and really started wacking em!

nice gill on my homeade rubber legged thingy

good fish on the jig

got this big momma gill right near my tube!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers day bassin'

Me, Dad and my sister went out for some fathersday fishing on a small lake near his house. I started out with a swimshad in the shallow clear water with no bites. I switched to a power tube on a darter head and soon had a good bass over 2 pounds. I tried to lift it in by the line and snapped it off losing my bait.
I got another one kinda small, then Dad got into the action getting a good 16 incher on a 7 inch power worm.
Then Nanc got a fish. she was using the same bait as me, but had less luck getting a dinky bass.
We got a few more smaller fish and I missed a few good bites. Then I scored a nice bass just under 18 inches.
5 minutes later I had a bite near a dock and thought I had him hooked, it felt like a tiny one so I really didn't reel him too hard. Then I saw it was a big fish just swimming towards the boat so I did'nt feel the weight, but it wasn't hooked and just spit the bait.
Dad cast his worm in that area, and soon saw the same fish I had on swimming towards his bait! The line tightened up quick and the fight was on! Soon we had it in the net, the big fish of the day at 18 inches! Way to go Dad!
We tried for some pike out deeper, Nanc getting one on a spinnerbait. I got a little one on a bass magic minnow.

First good fish in the boat

nice bucketmouth

A keeper


A monster! hey, beats getting skunked!

Big bass!

heading home after a fun day...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gone Fishin'!

Heading up for a week at GEM fishing camp, so no blog posts this week, but look out for my GEM camp reports next weekend HERE

Clearwater lake panfish and bass

Me and Jack spent the day on clearwater lake doing some sight fishing for shallow crappies and bass. we used 2 inch power minnows on light jigs to tempt the slabs, You could see them lurking in the reeds and if you could sneak up close and drop the minnow near them they would be willing to bite. I also got some largemouths, nothing huge, but mostly nice sized. Rockbass where biting well too. saw some nice carp in the shallows, but didn't bring the corn.


crooked mouthed bass

Chunky rocky

nice largie

red eye

nice seed

slab in the reeds

some nice crappies

Friday, June 6, 2008

After work report 6-4

I got out in my float tube for a bit of carp and bass chasing Wed. evening. I got a tip from Ben about where some shallow carp were biting. I saw some good ones but they were in the heavy weeds and it was hard to deliver the bait (corn) to them. I might have had a few carp bites that I missed. Got a bass and some sunfish on the corn, no carp.
Switched to a swimshad for some bass or pike, started off slow, but I found a pretty good school of largies on a flat with sparse weeds and pads that were willing to bite. I got about 6 and missed a few too, once it got dark the bite stopped.


Corn fed bass

some bluegill action

Nice larry, around 3.5 pounds I guess

Thursday, June 5, 2008

St. Croix river report 6-1

I got out for a few hours on the river with jack in the boat. We put in by prescott and worked mainly around rocky sorelines and docks where the waves from the big boats were stirring up things. The bass were biting pretty good, etting some just about everywhere.
Nothing really big, but fun with light tackle.
Power minows worked pretty good, I also got fish on a jig with a shad body or a ringworm in about 1 to 8 feet of water.
We also got walleye, drum, rockbass, and bluegill. I had a few big fish on that spit the hook before I could se them.

Typical river bass

Nice bass Jack!

Thats better!

chunky fish

tiny rocky



eye teeth