Saturday, December 26, 2009

metro panfish action. 12-26

Casey called me to see if I wanted to do some fishing, he didn't have to twist my arm. he picked me up early and we hit a NE metro lake for the day. we had to drill quite a few holes and search, but when we found them, they were willing to bite on light jigs with plastic. casey had some glow Gulp! alive fish fry baits, that really brought in the fish. we caught around 60 or 70 bluegills and crappies and a few perch.

casey with a nice sunfish

more good sunfish

took a pic of a crappie getting a pic taken

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ultimate Panfish League tourney on Peltier lake

We had another successful UPL tourney with 20 teams showing up to chase slabs and bulls. The bite was pretty tough, with more subtle action on smaller lures paying off. The best bait for us was a ratso plastic. I tried a lindy fatboy with a micro nuggie, also tried red spikes. Jack outfished me pretty bad in the morning, til I finally switched to the ratso, then I got some decent fish too. Jack got the biggest fish early, with a .9# bluegill!

Contest Results here

ready to fish

weigh in time

Nice new leaderboard!

weigh that big gill

another good catch

Bob weighs in

Our catch, over 8 pounds of tasty panfish

Monday, December 14, 2009

The ice fishing season started for me

With the cold air comes ice, lots of it. what is a fish geek to do? well go fishing, thats what! Saturday brought me to the CKoutdoors get together. We got there in the morning and got into a few nice crappies. I used t.h.e. jig in 100 oz size to get a few. I also used a JRs tungsten jig with red larvae. I tried a dropshot with a plain hook, but the line kept freezing to the ice, so I couldnt get that slow drop I was looking for. But mainly it was good getting to know some other anglers, and cookin up some good food. Sunday had a few of us from the get together hit a small lake looking for big gills. they were pretty tight liped this day, the few we did get were real nice though, a couple over 10 inches were caught. I went out to the deepest hole and found lots of crappies on the edges that were much more willing to bite. I caught around 30, but no huge mules, but some were caught up to almost 14 inches! I used a lindy fatboy with red larvae for my fish, I don't know what the big fish bit on.

A nice pair of slabs to start the season!


pickling sized pike, fun on micro tackle for sure!

jigging up some slabs

another crappie

we got a few gills too

lunch time!

it was this big!

hammer handle

fat crappie on the power noodle

golden crappie

gill action

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tiger on a fly!

Jim Bonin (fishface) caught this the other day while fly fishing for bass on the river. He was pulling in a bass, when Mr. musky decided to have a bass supper! He fought with the beast for a while until it devoured the unfortunate bass, then it munched on his black woolybugger fly for dessert!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another big sunfish weekend

I got another weekend of bluegill action with CK and Andy "the wookie", they were still biting good, with lots of big fish coming to the boat. Same depths, around 24 ft, slider floats cast out from the boat gets the most fish. I got a few jigging with my Power noodle jig rod, that was fun!.
I got fish on many different baits, including Keiths hair jigs, Stub grubs, diamond jigs, flutter bugs, etc. I liked to put a couple of waxworms on to get them to bite better.

The Wookie gets a big sunfish

CK with the big one for the day!

Uh oh, ice is starting to form, may be the last week of giant gill action for the season?

More nice gills

and slabs

Got this beaut on my tiny Powernoodle rod

Nice colors


fat fish

the release!