Sunday, April 26, 2009

Panfish tubin action 4-25

I met andy at the lake for some bluegill and crappie chasing all day. the weather was alot nicer than predicted so we went to "work" looking for those big pannies. I brought my vexilar fl-18 flaher out in my tube for the first time, it worked great! I found weeds on a break from 5 to 7 ft and the nice gills were there and a few perch. unfortunatly tons of hungry yearling largemouth bass too that I cannot seem to keep of my hooks.
We wanted to get some crappies but only got one in the area so we decided to try in the middle while snacking, but no crappies there, didn't even mark one. kicked over to the east shore after snackin and started getting a few in 2 ft of water along with a zillion dinky bass. we went into a bay on the southeast end to get out of the wind and cha ching! found the slabs and lots of bluegills too most real close to shore. Andy had to go, I decided to stick around when fishface showed up with his daughter for the evening bite. Glad I did because the crappies really lit it up with a bite on every cast! Baits I used today Gulp!fishfry, JRs ringin stub grub, t.h.e. jig tipped with a exude microshad, berkley power tube 2"white.

Blue cat and the great pumpkin awaiting launch

on the water

first gill of the day

nice gill on the gulp! fishfry

pretty slab

a fat little football bass

wookie bags a fat mule

the bass wouldn't leave me alone, not too bad a problem, but most were under 10 inches.

andy with a nice crappie

I get this nice slab on a bead head nymph

ok largemouth

Tiny crappie probably spit out be a bigger crappie I caught earlier

pretty gill

Another bass! thought it was a 2 pound slab!

Smoke signals here comes trouble!

crappie with cat eye?

nice fat sunfish

While i was admireing another slab, fish gets this huge sunfish

So comfortable, like fishing in a floating lounge chair

Fishface nabs another huge gill


One last gill to end a great day on the water

Monday, April 20, 2009

The great pumpkin and fishing with the wookie

I went out for the maiden voyage for my semi new fishcat, I have dubbed the great pumpkin, cuz it is so big round and orange.
Andy SBF came out to try some tube fishin, i let him use my ol cat, which held him up great despite being over the size limit!
We got our sunfish on t.h.e. Jig tipped with gulp waxies, i also got fish on a JRs black and chartruse stub grub. The tiny bass and shiners followed me all around. I couldn't keep em off my baits, but we got some nice sunfish just about everywhere we tried. the crappies were in hiding or wouldn't bite, I got a couple.
All in all a fun day. I had fun just having my camers ready for some funny video of Andys first tubing adventure, but he did pretty good for a tube wookie!

Da great pumpkin!

Andy gets a gill

They would not leave me alone, puting a bigger jig on got me bass that were an inch bigger! Kept the shiners away though!

Mean looking bass

Nice shiner wookie!

only a couple of slabs today

Man overboard!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Semi new fishcat

Got a almost new fish cat float tube today from Craigslist. now I can get more people out to try tubin'

This morning I found my left side mirror on my car laying busted on the street.
I understand accidents happen and all, but because you didin't leave a note or apology or anything, just kept on going cuz you didn't give a...whoever you are...
I label you a JERK!!

No, its not my ugleeee mug that broke the glass!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First float tube outing sucess! 4-11

With the warmer weather comes some good fishin' I met Casey on the lake , he already had a bunch of fish when I got out there and Jack went out too in caseys canoe
The crappies were on the bite, I had good action on the "float and fly" rig, a small float one foot above a 1/80th hair jig. I sweetened it with a couple of red spikes to tempt the occasional big sunfish that would also be in the shallow dark bottomed bays looking for bugs.

Casey battles a nice slab

A pontoon and a canoe launching on the nice calm water

Nice big gill

Camera shy! is that how you are suppose to sit on a canoe?


fat gill

One eyed jack

lots of golden shiners around!

some for the pan!