Monday, December 27, 2010

A few panfish

it has been tough chasing panfish with all the snow and slush, hopefully I can start getting out more soon, but walking in this stuff is getting pretty painful, we need a good thaw and then a cold snap, to make travel easier.
Not a lot of action for me yet this winter. had a pretty good gill bite the day before the UPL on peltier, but that was not happening for me during the tourney.
We got into a few crappies yesterday evening.
Hopefully I will get out to the backwaters next weekend, I have heard some good reports and am in need of some good fish action!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

North metro panfish chase 12-12

I got out for a little panfish chase Sunday. We were not even sure we could get on the lake with all of the new snow. Fortunately, a lot of the snow had blown off, but there was plenty to make it a tough walk. A snowmobile would have been nice.
We couldn't get to the spots we wanted to fish, but we found some scattered fish in the basin of the bay.
I got some Gills and perch hole hopping, using a gold jig with half a glow nuggie.
towards evening I fished with Jack in his portable and we got a pretty good flurry of gills and crappies before sunset. I didn't get too many pics because it was so cold the fish would freeze almost instantly on the ice.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Panfish, walleye, and bass, oh my! Alex area chase 11-28

On a tip from Chad of hungry fish and solid ice, me and Jack headed up for a piece of the action!
We were not dissapointed , the ice conditions were excellent, around 6 inches thick with just enough snow to quiet our steps over the shallow roaming fish!
I went out to where it looks like people were fishing before with frozen over holes. Soon had a fish on. They were in a weed bed about a foot off the bottom. They were quite fussy, but I found the smaller tungsten jig with a nuggie tail to be irresitable to them. We also got a few largemouth bass and walleyes on our panfish tackle, fun indeed! Chad came out later in the day and iced some good fish too.I am glad I got this chase in, it looks like I won't get out again for 2 weeks, I will be at the ice fishing show next weekend. Hope to see you there!

Look real close on this one, you can see my reflection in the lure!

Chad fishin in the sunset

This is what the sky looked like when we got off the lake, no color changes done at all!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ready to chase some fish on ice

I got my vexilar all ready to go, just need some hard water and some fish!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog change

There are some small changes to my blog. It is now going to be fishing stuff only, since I have 3 other blogs for other stuff now.
Bye bye,"MTbucket"
I am  renaming it Fish Chaser, because that is what I am! I got the idea from the Virgil Ward Championship fishing TV show from the 70's I used to watch when I was a kid.
They had a song in the beginning that started out with this line: "" From the lakes of northern Canada, to the gulf of Mexico, wherever fish are biting, thats where we're gonna go"
I have chased fish from North to south, though Minnesota is where mose of the action is for me.
So it will still be the same blog, just no posts about other things besides chasin' those fish

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More dock panfish action 11-20

Hit the docks again saturday, the bite was better later in the day, I started out finessing some gills with a tiny heavy metal tungsen jig tipped with a nuggie tail.
When the slabs started moving in, I upsized to a 1/32 oz eye candy with a red glow jumbo wedgie. They were hitting pretty hard when they came through, so larger summer time plastics probably would have produced too.

"iceless ice fishing"

Some slabs and gills. the biggest close to 13 inches...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Panfish off the docks

I got out for a little panfish action off some docks. Since all the panfish chasers I know are putting away the boats, this will be the fishing I do til ice fishing starts.
I pulled these from about ten feet down, on SDIs new heavy metal tungsten jig, tipped with a little atom glow nuggie.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekend of halloween fishing

I got out Saturday with casey for some bluegill action. it was slow compared to last year, but found enough action to keep it interesting, including this 10 # plus bowfin on 2 # test!

I got a few nice bluegills on a 1/16th ounce eye candy glow jig tipped with some crawler at 18 feet, near the bottom. we also got a few nice crappies, though we didn't really target them.

Halloween had me and ben newton out in his boat near the dam, jigging for walleyes.
the water was much higher than the week before, and all the spots we got them last time were so full of leaves we couldn't even hardly fish.
we finally found walleyes near the rocks and in smaller eddies and current seams, we also got a couple of football shaped bass, all with a 1/8 ounce jig with a fathead.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alexandria report 10-9

I got out with Jack in his boat Saturday for a little panfish and bass action on Lakes geneva and Darling. I got quite a few decent crappies, earlier they were shallower and I got some 2 to 3 feet down near weeds with a light jig and a float.
Later in the day I was tightlining with a 1/32 oz sdi eye candy jig with a yellow radical glow tube.
I also got a few largemouth bass in the shallows around docks and weed edges on a black and blue senko worm.

Typical crappie, not monsters, but nice keepers.

Tried to "catch" some fish with my camera. I was really impressed with how much air the crappie got, they usually don't fly!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally got out and caught fish

I got out for a few hours at the luther Dell fall Retreat, when Dan Pilla invited me to go out in his boat on Boy lake Saturday. They started off fishing pike and I was just going to relax and take some pictures, when one of the guys started catching nice perch on a rapala.
Soon I grabbed my crappie rod rigged up with a SDI eye candy jig 1/32 oz with a two inch power minnow, and started working the shallow weeds. It was a sight fishing bite with many fish hitting near the boat.
We had some fun with that, til I saw another boat getting some bluegills near reeds. I moved us over to some reeds and one of the guys rigged up with a bobber and leech pulled in a big one near 10 inches. Soon we all were flinging leeches at them and we got a good mess of gills from eight to 10 inches!