Sunday, November 30, 2008

Early early ice slabs

Me and Jack went up north around 3 hours after seeing some reports of good ice and some nice looking fish pics too.
We got up around 9 AM and the CKoutdoors guys were allready out there rearin on some.
we found around 4 inches of good ice, so we headed on out.
I started off fast rearing into a 2 pound slab, only it turned out to be about a 14 inch walleye.
then I got a rockbass. Jack already had a few slabs on the ice. I finally get a speck of around 8 inches.
And so it goes, jack way out fished me again. he always does out on this spot, but I caught plenty and got to keep some nice burbot too. Thanks again for giving me those beautys! Next time I will bring a tipup and a bucket of fatheads so I can get some of those hard fighting lunkers!
Well, it was a great time, a preview of the good times coming in two weeks, and all winter, looks like it will be a long one, might as well have fun!

slab time

Jack finds a new buddy

Walleye for two

another speck

nice one

Ooooh there is an ugly thing, and that fish is kind of ugly too!

Jack showing off

a couple of 5 pounders!

golden crappie

ice that slab

Winter is here, good thing we have crappies to warm our cold hearts!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving morning bassin'

I got lots to be thankful for today, I got to do a bit of fishing before heading up to my dad's house for dinner, plus i got to meet a new fishing friend, Warren, who posted on CKOutdoors looking for someone who wanted to hit the water for a few hours.
We walked to where I got some big bass last weekend, and started fishing with plastics. we got a couple of small ones, but no thanksgiving "footballs". I switched to a copper superBow spinner and hit some brown bass of mediocre size, then I hooked into a good one! It fought really good and I thought it would be a huge bass, but started getting suspicious when it stayed down and never jumped, finally got it in and it was a Northern Pike.
We worked our way up and I got a few more small bass. i had to go around 11:30, Warren decided to fish a bit more and was rewarded with some bigger bass when the sun came out for a while.

Pike time

spinner nabs the pike

Rocky the rockbass

Warren with some fishies

some "future footballs"

No monsters but they fought pretty good in the fast waters of the mighty mississippi

Four swans a flyin'

whatchya got?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday afternoon smallmouths 11-16

I got out to the Mississippi river for a late fall bassin day, was suposed to meet BP Dave Maas, but he couldn't make it so I hit the water by myself. I found a nice looking spot near some trees in the water and started jigging a berkley minnow on a 1 / 16th ounce jig. I got one on the first cast!, then I hooked into a huge one probably over 4 pounds. "fishface" Jim Bonin showed up just in time to take a pic for me.
Then he when flyfishing and started getting some smaller bass on surface flies. I kept flinging different plastic minnows and probably caught a dozen bass, three of them huge, the rest were "fun sized" it was around 30 degrees and windy, but I stayed plenty warm with my arctic Armor parka even though my waders did leak some!

huge Smallmouth!

lip em!

Another whale!

they wern't all lunkers!

big brown bass

another one bites the bait
another big Mule!
plastic minnow peeps through a bass jaw
Back to fight again!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moonlight fishing on Tonka

me and Casey went out for a little fishing Saturday evening and the fish were there, they were kind of tough to hook, I think we missed three for every one we caught, it was fun though! All the fish were near the weedlines in around sixteen feet on quarter ounce jigs and big chubs!

A big fat one, and the fish is pretty big too!

Casey with a pair of cigars

pretty fish

a "stocker"

cold fish!

4 pounder?

Eye in the boat

some good eaters

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sunday cold metro crappie frenzy

We got out in the boat today and though the weather was cold, the bite was hot! got bit on almost every cast for 3 hours!
Jigs with waxworms or power minnows worked good 3 to 8 ft down.


Pretty mallard I enticed into camera range with a few waxworms!

Sauger release

another cold crappie
crappie release