Monday, February 22, 2010

crappie action 2-20

I found crappies as deep as over 30 ft during the day, up to as shallow as 7 ft down at dusk. The best bait for me was the gold forage minnow spoon 1/16th oz tipped with a gulp! alive minnow head.
I also got some on a gill getter with a black one inch gulp fish fry.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rush Lake UPL

me and jack fished the ultimate panfish league on Rush saturday. We started out fishing in a deep hole for crappies with mostly small fish that were really fussy. we got our 8 and got out of there, trying a couple of spots we hit last week in shallow water and found only small fish. Finally got into some fish on a weed flat in 9 to ten feet of water. we drilled lots of holes and started looking for schools ofr fish in the weeds. we got a mix of bluegills and crappies, a few decent ones with lots of small ones to sort through. I also lost a crappie that felt really heavey, didn'yt get a good look at it though.I got most of my fish on a red glow gill getter with a red 1 inch gulp! alive fishfry. I was not confident going into the weigh in, our fish were not too big and I heard rumors that some teams were into the bigger crappies, but they were just rumors after all, and we stayed in first place until the last team weighed in. they had some nicer crappies and beat us by over a pound! nice job Chris and ryan, winning your second rush lake UPL! We will be back next year!

A couple of keepers at the weigh in...

A few gills I got