Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Float tubing 6-26

I finally got out in the float tube for a little panfish action . I love being close to the water for great photo opportunities, but it sure is hard on my back for some reason, so I probably won't do it too much.
I got lots of sunfish, mostly smaller, but a few nice ones in the mix, plus some nice colors. Plenty of crappies around, but they were pretty small, same with the bass.
I got some on a hair jig
Also the purple green glow tube bait was hot too, especially for the big hybrid sunfish

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Up North panfish and bass 6/11-12

I got into some more nice sunfish and bass this weekend in the Grand Rapids area, getting them up shallow.
The bass were done spawning, though a few males were still on beds, got some up to 18 inches on a thorne bros 6 inch slug bait.  Bluegills were just moving up to spawn though they have not made beds yet, quite finicky as well, not willing to venture out of the thick cover to bite until the sun got behind the clouds and a breeze picked up. I got some on a small hair jig . When that bite cooled off, I tried a small leech on a plain gold hook and was able to get a few more. I went nuts with the camera , so enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big panfish from the weekend

A few of the many panfish I got this weekend. the two biggest bluegills weighed in at 1 pound one ounce. I got some on plastics and gulp, the best bait for the bigger sunfish was small leeches. Most were up shallow near reeds or bulrushes.