Monday, July 27, 2009

Panfish action 7-26

I got out for a little float tubin for sunfish in the afternoon, got lots of nice fish, nothing huge, but some great colors for pics. i got all the fish on a 1/32 oz lead head tipped with a JRs stub grub.

nice gill on plastic

orange red

gold and green

big mouthed green sunfish

who says sunfish don't have teeth?

funny sunnie

very nicely marked pumpkinseed

nice sunfish

release those big gills to get even bigger!

Friday, July 24, 2009

got my biggest float tube fish last weekend.

I thought it was the state record bass! it nabbed a topwater sizmec toad as I buzzed it by some pads, I reared back and held on trying to keep it from wrapping around the pad stems and mabye getting away. The fish was too pwerful though, it just pulled me sideways, it felt like I was going to be pulled down like a bobber!
Then it buried deep into the weeds and I felt no fight! Oh no! I was shaking by now and hoping mr giant bass didn't get away! I slowly worked in line til I was almost right above it, then it finally came up, lots of weeds, but the big fish was still there! only it was a pike. Kind of a let down when I was waiting to see a 8-10pound bass, but still a nice fish anyhow.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Casey bags a monster toad

wow, huge fish! 5#11oz if this keeps up me and casey will make the bloggers derby a 2 man show! ok, my turn!hehe

Monday, July 13, 2009

more tubin' for bass with casey

I got out sunday afternoon to chase some big largies with casey.
I got a few on the swimjig and some on a senko.
casey got most of his on a "ribbit'plastic toad bait. it was a slow bite til sunset, then the bite got good for a short bit. We casted around the pads, coontail beds and slop in shallow water. the water is finally warm enough to go without waders!

casey out in the lake

first keeper for me on a jig and craw

pad bass action

casey nabs a nice 3 pounder. he also missed one he thinks was twice as big!

nice fish on a senko

I was just about to the landing and taking the last few casts of the night when I had a bite on my senko. I set the hook and this sea monster started to pull me sideways! I finally wrestled it in and it was this big huge toad! I tried to measure it, but it was hard on a paddle, i couldn't believe it but I couldn't get a 20 inch measurement off it, but I was sure it was 5 pounds! then casey said he had a hand held digital scale, so i gave up on the ruler, and hooked it up...5.1 pounds! Cha ching! :D

Friday, July 10, 2009

got my 5 bass, but need bigger ones!

I got my limit for the bass pundit's blogger bass derby.I was at GEM camp for the week. I didn't get any of the 20 + inchers but still respectable fish 19 incher and two 18s now i need lots of upgrading to do to meet my goal of a 5# average for 25#...
guess I have a lot more bassin' to do, oh well hehehe

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mille lacs bassin 7-3

We got out on Mille lacs for some bass action, I got the big one right away and we thought the action would be good, but it turned out not to be. jack got a good one later, and we got some smaller ones, but the bite hasn't really come around yet.
i got the big one on a power tube, jack got his on a small rapala. they were around 5 ft down. we tried some other lakes too for panfish, but nothing much was going.

bigg bass

20 1/4 incher!

jack gets a good one

interesting insects

we were not the only ones not catching much

a couple of sunset shots