Friday, February 29, 2008

MT bucket?

How did I come up with that crazy name for my web log?
I actually got it from Keith Nelson, who goes by the name "Crappie Keith".
He lives in Palisade Minnesota. He really has a passion for fishing, hunting, and the outdoors!
I met him on the Catch-N Forums and have gone fishing with him, and have always had a good time.

I went up there once with another friend I met on the internet, jack Halverson, who always seems to outfish me when we go ice fishing. well schmuck-o was doing it again having good success while I wasn't catching anything! I was carrying my bucket and trying the same spots while grumbling about getting skunked when Keith says "looks like M.T. is going to go home with a MT bucket!
Well finally I started catching some nice crappies, but it wasn't looking good for a while there!

Keith also is maker of T.H.E. Jig , THE means Totally Hot Everyday haha I don't know about that, but it is an excellently tied leadhead fly that is deadly on finessing big crappies when they don't seem to bite anything else! They are also very durable, catching hundreds of fish without coming apart like similiar but cheap mass produced jigs do!

I look forward to getting to fish with him again someday!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Late febuary smallmouth action!

I had a good time Sunday afternooon fishing with Jim Bonin (fishface)at the Mississippi.
He walked to his spot and I paddled upstream in my kayak to meet him.
Here it is all ready to go!

It sure was nice to be out on the water again after a long cold winter!

The fish were quite active, feeding on mayflies that were hatching in the warm sunshine.

People were fly fishing with mayfly patterns with good sucess, I was wishing I had some!

Jim was flyfishing but had only sinking flies, that didn't stop him from getting a few bass too!

Here are some of the fish I got on plastics like the ring-N tube, and hair jigs.

Wow! what a great time! A great way to beat the mid winter blues!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello, welcome to my new blogspot!
I thought mabye I should get the ball rolling with...a fish story, one of my first!
here goes....

It was my first big "catch"! When I was around 6 years old I was at my Grandparents cabin on the lake for a family get together. While I was out looking for frogs and bugs, a neighbors kid came out and told me about this big musky floating in the bay. I ran to the boat house to get the biggest landing net I could find! I ran down the shore to the bay, and sure enough, there it was, at least 3 ft long! right near shore. I quietly waded out towards it as to not spook it, that was unnessecary, for unfortunately it was DEAD! It sure looked good though, and didn't smell too bad, so I scooped it up and started draggin to the cabin, I then anounced my catch! Everyone came out and looked! When someone said that it was dead, I concocted a story about how it died while I was dragging it home. The odor gave away my tale though! we took a bunch of pics, everyone wanted to get a snapshot with it, then my Grampa buried it in the woods. I succeeded in getting what I and all little kids love...Attention!

I am the geeky looking kid with the curly hair!