Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bass in the grass

I got out for a while sunday afternoon. I started for bluegills, but only got a few small ones. I started looking for some bass action on the deep weedline, only one bite rigging a black and blue power lizard.
as the sun went down I moved up shallow and threw a sizmec toad, buzzing it across the grass and letting it sink in the pockets. I connected with a fish on the first cast! It hit on the drop and I didn't even know I had a bite til it started going sideways with it! I pulled its head out of the water on thehookset but didn't get the hook in and it let go. I cast back and let it sink, then hopped it off the bottom a few times and it bit again, got em, about a 2 pounder.
As it got darker they really started busting the toad on top, sometimes coming completly out of the water on the strike! got a few, missed a few, nothing big, just enough for a little action.

Typical size

Auqua van! we tried to push it out but it just kept digging down deeper.
finally a pickup pulling a boat came up, and if he wanted to launch he would have to pull the van out first, which he did.

more bassin action

grass bass on the toad

Monday, August 24, 2009

Funny bugs

A little green hitchhiker

Piggyback beetles?

Hey, can I get a ride?

Climb aboard!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bassin in the float tube

I got out for a while in the tube chasing some largemouth bass. I got a few on the outside edge of the milfoil beds earlier on a jig with a ring-N tube, also got some on a swim shad.
Later before dark, I nailed a few in the shallows on a frenzy popper.

Takin' a break from reelin' in big uns

topwater action

I watched the storms form just to the north of me, these storms ended up spawning some small tornadoes later on.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More panfish, with the flyrod

I got out for a few hours in the tube Sunday evening for some panfish action on my 3 wt flyrod.
I started out with a bead head sinking bee pattern I made. Got quite a few on that. when the winds went down, I switched to a popper, and they really hit that thing! something hit anytime I got that popper anywhere near the pads and weeds! Lots of nice sunfish, nothing huge, and lots of largemouth bass that were a handful on that little rod for sure! A fun evening of fishin in the books!

popper ambush!
Bee fly starting to come apart from sunfish chewing on it

the bass were really smacking on top too

i wasn't the only one fishin'

funny bass

here is its tiny dorsal fin, it actually worked too. I wonder if it was a fish similar to this one that inspired the name Micropterus (small fin)

bass release, normal fin

nice gill on topwater!