Monday, December 27, 2010

A few panfish

it has been tough chasing panfish with all the snow and slush, hopefully I can start getting out more soon, but walking in this stuff is getting pretty painful, we need a good thaw and then a cold snap, to make travel easier.
Not a lot of action for me yet this winter. had a pretty good gill bite the day before the UPL on peltier, but that was not happening for me during the tourney.
We got into a few crappies yesterday evening.
Hopefully I will get out to the backwaters next weekend, I have heard some good reports and am in need of some good fish action!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

North metro panfish chase 12-12

I got out for a little panfish chase Sunday. We were not even sure we could get on the lake with all of the new snow. Fortunately, a lot of the snow had blown off, but there was plenty to make it a tough walk. A snowmobile would have been nice.
We couldn't get to the spots we wanted to fish, but we found some scattered fish in the basin of the bay.
I got some Gills and perch hole hopping, using a gold jig with half a glow nuggie.
towards evening I fished with Jack in his portable and we got a pretty good flurry of gills and crappies before sunset. I didn't get too many pics because it was so cold the fish would freeze almost instantly on the ice.