Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ultimate Panfish League tourney on Peltier lake

We had another successful UPL tourney with 20 teams showing up to chase slabs and bulls. The bite was pretty tough, with more subtle action on smaller lures paying off. The best bait for us was a ratso plastic. I tried a lindy fatboy with a micro nuggie, also tried red spikes. Jack outfished me pretty bad in the morning, til I finally switched to the ratso, then I got some decent fish too. Jack got the biggest fish early, with a .9# bluegill!

Contest Results here

ready to fish

weigh in time

Nice new leaderboard!

weigh that big gill

another good catch

Bob weighs in

Our catch, over 8 pounds of tasty panfish


Basspastor said...

So did you get me a Christmas gift with part of your winnings?

Michael Thompson said...

ho ho ho I am rolling in the dough! ha, no, well I did, but you didnt show at the xmas dinner. what would you like?

Dave Anderson said...

As always, nice sunnie! Not liking the snow coming.

Michael Thompson said...

Yeah I hear you! I need a snowwwwmobeeeel!least I wont be working in it tho