Friday, July 24, 2009

got my biggest float tube fish last weekend.

I thought it was the state record bass! it nabbed a topwater sizmec toad as I buzzed it by some pads, I reared back and held on trying to keep it from wrapping around the pad stems and mabye getting away. The fish was too pwerful though, it just pulled me sideways, it felt like I was going to be pulled down like a bobber!
Then it buried deep into the weeds and I felt no fight! Oh no! I was shaking by now and hoping mr giant bass didn't get away! I slowly worked in line til I was almost right above it, then it finally came up, lots of weeds, but the big fish was still there! only it was a pike. Kind of a let down when I was waiting to see a 8-10pound bass, but still a nice fish anyhow.

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