Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Big bluegill frenzy!

What a better way to spend halloween weekend than in search of some pumpkin sized bluegills!
I met up with a couple of other spooky looking Dudes, Crappie Keith, and Buckshot Greg, and we hit the water. We went over to the deepest area in the lake, around 24-28 feet. We soon graphed fish around 2 feet off the bottom.
Greg got his fish on a northland Hexi fly, CK did well on his T.h.e. Jig.
I got many of my biggest gills on a flutter bug jig tipped with three waxworms under a thill center slider float set about 2-3 ft off the bottom.
I also got lots of fish vertical jigging with my new Thorne Brothers quiver stick, which was a blast! I even got a pike on that tiny micro rod! For jigging i was using a Lindy fatboy tipped with a waxworm. We got loads of big bluegills, many over 10 inches. I got my biggest gill I ever measured and Photographed, a 11 incher that I bet was well over a pound!
Thanks guys for the great trip, my best halloween ever!

Hmm, this looks like the great pumpkin!

Tiny rod, big bluegill!

Some big panfish for buckshot!

CK was bluegill Keith today!

More scary monster sunfish!

the fish is longer than the rod!

somewhere over the rainbow

A great view to end the weekend with!

The Big One !!!!!


Greg Clusiau said...

Nice job with the pictorial Mike. Good fish and great guys to be in the boat with. Glad I finally had the chance to meet and fish with you.

Greg Clusiau

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks greg! I hope we will get to do it again often!

Anonymous said...

Awsome B G's
True trophy!