Friday, January 8, 2010

MT's 2010 monster bluegill on ice derby.


Some nice fish guys!

First place goes to Jim Kusuda with this monster sow gill at 10.5 inches!

Second place lance Bainville with this nice 9 7/8 slab

Third place with a 9 1/4 inch gill is Steve Fleckenstein

Nice fish guys! the open water event that includes gills and crappie division will soon commence!
Who thinks they can catch a huge Gill through the ice? Enter it in the MTs monster bluegill on ice derby!
It starts this weekend, and goes til the ice is gone! Why didn't I start this at the beginning of the ice season? because I just thought of it now!
Just catch a monster bluegill, and if you think it could be the big one, take a pic, post it on this thread, or email it to me and I will post it on the leaderboard on here! I am going by length, not weight, since most don't have the best scale for getting an accurate number.
Take it on a board so it is touching the "0" side, and whatever the tail toutches, that is your length! Here is an example:

Also, to verify that you caught it this year, put your name and "2010" on a piece of paper clearly readable and inclue it in your picture.
Entry is free and open to anyone that is fishing through a hole in the ice.
No dead beat up or frozen fish will count, take a pic right when you catch it, that is when they look best!

Here is the prize, not a new truck or anything like that, but not bad for a free contest, a framed "2D lifesize replica" of your winning catch. Here is a one I made last fall:

happy fishin'



Basspastor said...

Hey Mike, if you don't do a new blog post for each new entry your followers like me will never know you have posted some new info.

Michael Thompson said...

you will just have to keep checking in BP. I will be also posting on all the updates on new leaders on all the forums so that will bump them up...

Paul said...
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