Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pool 8 crappie chase

Jack had some great action last week down there on the backwaters of the Mississippi river last weekend on the way home from Christmas with his family in Iowa. Catching nice panfish and some jumbo perch. So we decided to head back there for some more this weekend.
Weather changes and high pressure changed the fishing alot this weekend.
No jumbos were to be found. We really had to work for the bites we did get, bluegills came on the 4mm heavy metal jig tipped with a waxworm. I got a few on a nuggie tail, but they did not seem to want to take plastics that well.
Crappies, though theye were really scattered, were more willing to hit a lightly swimming mini eye candy with 2/3 of a green glow LA jumbo wedgee.
We were fishing in 5 to 7 ft. the water was quite murky, we couldn't look downn the hole and see them even that shallow.

Below zero sunrise

Ice conditions have improved dramatically with the snow washed away and the cold temps, but I think these guys are jumping the gun with their full sized trucks!

Some slabs

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Jeff said...

Below zero sunrise very nice pic and those are some nice cold crappie, thanks for stopping by my forum as well.