Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bass opener 2011 weekend success

I went fishing with Jack this weekend , he was looking for crappies in the shallows and the action was pretty slow, so i did a lot of bassin' my main producer was a bluegill colored 6 inch bass slug on a 5/0 hook, casting at mainly dead emergent vegetation. I got some in the grand rapids area, but most of the big bass came out of mille lacs lake.

The lunker, almost 21 inches and very fat with eggs. I think it is over 6 pounds, but Jack's scale only gave me 5 pounds 9 ounces. still in my top ten all time biggest bass, and number one for smallmouths


MrBlackIS300 said...

That smallie is a monster!

John said...

Well done Michael!

Michael Thompson said...


Anonymous said...

Hey MT,
Nice fish!
The river's high and fast but they been bitting pretty good from the boat.