Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello, welcome to my new blogspot!
I thought mabye I should get the ball rolling with...a fish story, one of my first!
here goes....

It was my first big "catch"! When I was around 6 years old I was at my Grandparents cabin on the lake for a family get together. While I was out looking for frogs and bugs, a neighbors kid came out and told me about this big musky floating in the bay. I ran to the boat house to get the biggest landing net I could find! I ran down the shore to the bay, and sure enough, there it was, at least 3 ft long! right near shore. I quietly waded out towards it as to not spook it, that was unnessecary, for unfortunately it was DEAD! It sure looked good though, and didn't smell too bad, so I scooped it up and started draggin to the cabin, I then anounced my catch! Everyone came out and looked! When someone said that it was dead, I concocted a story about how it died while I was dragging it home. The odor gave away my tale though! we took a bunch of pics, everyone wanted to get a snapshot with it, then my Grampa buried it in the woods. I succeeded in getting what I and all little kids love...Attention!

I am the geeky looking kid with the curly hair!

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