Friday, February 29, 2008

MT bucket?

How did I come up with that crazy name for my web log?
I actually got it from Keith Nelson, who goes by the name "Crappie Keith".
He lives in Palisade Minnesota. He really has a passion for fishing, hunting, and the outdoors!
I met him on the Catch-N Forums and have gone fishing with him, and have always had a good time.

I went up there once with another friend I met on the internet, jack Halverson, who always seems to outfish me when we go ice fishing. well schmuck-o was doing it again having good success while I wasn't catching anything! I was carrying my bucket and trying the same spots while grumbling about getting skunked when Keith says "looks like M.T. is going to go home with a MT bucket!
Well finally I started catching some nice crappies, but it wasn't looking good for a while there!

Keith also is maker of T.H.E. Jig , THE means Totally Hot Everyday haha I don't know about that, but it is an excellently tied leadhead fly that is deadly on finessing big crappies when they don't seem to bite anything else! They are also very durable, catching hundreds of fish without coming apart like similiar but cheap mass produced jigs do!

I look forward to getting to fish with him again someday!

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