Saturday, March 22, 2008

2007 was a great year for catch-n huge bass!

BP posted about his lack of success last year for big bass last year,
mainly because he didn't get his line wet too often!
I on the other hand, had a great year, even though someone stole my boat the fall before.
In fact I think not having a boat helped me go more, because it was such a hassle to get my boat rigged up and ready that I just didn't get out much in 2006. I fished a whole lot in 07' because
now with my float tube I can just keep it in my car ready to go anytime I want to wet a line after work, or I can slide my kayak in the van and head off to any out of the way lake and catch huge looonkers like these:

this one was close to 21 inches and fat, est. wt. 6#

This one was over 22 inches, but was quite skinny. 5.5 ets wt.

Another toadie over 5 #

My biggest Bass this year were on a Catch-n Ring-N TUBE
Zoom super flukes also brought me some good uns too...


Basspastor said...

Hey Toad, your Catch-N RingNtube link goes to my blog not to Catch-N.

Michael Thompson said...

DO'H! there, fixed it, thanks putz!