Saturday, March 1, 2008

Minnetonka ice fishin' with friends

I met Casey and his friend Johnathon for a little Saturday afternoon panfish action.
The bite was on pretty good, but no big ones were to be found. We fished in about 22 ft and marked fish all over.
Lures used were glow jigs with waxworms, Makiplastics , and T.H.E. jigs.
here are some pics.

Andy, ShouldBfishin from the Catch-N forums.

Working those fish on the sonar

Casey looking for a good spot

Smokeless cigar for me (brat)

Johnathan with a crappie

Heading to another spot

Fishing heats up!


Pop eyed???


My Auger buddy
Another fine day on the fish, I will be back at it tomorrow!


fishface said...

Nice Blog MR. Thompson!
Great picts!
Hope we can get out soon!
On OPEN water.

Michael Thompson said...

Thank you mr Fishface, congrats on being the 1st to post on the bucket!

Open water next sunday pool2!!!!!