Friday, June 6, 2008

After work report 6-4

I got out in my float tube for a bit of carp and bass chasing Wed. evening. I got a tip from Ben about where some shallow carp were biting. I saw some good ones but they were in the heavy weeds and it was hard to deliver the bait (corn) to them. I might have had a few carp bites that I missed. Got a bass and some sunfish on the corn, no carp.
Switched to a swimshad for some bass or pike, started off slow, but I found a pretty good school of largies on a flat with sparse weeds and pads that were willing to bite. I got about 6 and missed a few too, once it got dark the bite stopped.


Corn fed bass

some bluegill action

Nice larry, around 3.5 pounds I guess

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