Thursday, October 30, 2008

Panfish and bass are still biting

Me and Jack did well on the backwaters again Saturday with lots of big panfish and perch and lots of largemouth bass too. I caught most of mine with micro lite gear and 2 # test trilene.
I used a 32nd oz jig with either a small fathead minnow or power minnow anywhere from 2 to 12 feet.

fall slab

medium sized bass were a good time on lite line!

This was pretty funny, I fet a sunfsh pecking on my plastic minnow when all of a sudden my rod just started bending down, yep, the pike swallowed the sunfish, and got my hook on its lip too!

big slab bluegills

Jack with a nice slab

Here is a beauty, and the fish looks pretty good too!

the release

Big yellow perch

more bass action

nice sunnie


ArmchairDeity said...

Dude, what a gorgeous day and great fishing! I truly envy anyone with a boat and the time to spend on the river!

Keep the pics comin, I'm living vicariously thru your trips. :)

Michael Thompson said...

Hi armchairdeity

thanks for stopping by
you don't need a boat, just find a buddy with one, like i do, or wade , or fish from shore, i also love fishing in a float tube too...

Basspastor said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Pete wanted to go up and fish Leech in this nice weather and I almost was into it. I ended up sleeping instead.

Yes Pete is still up here. He did go on a hunting trip for about a week. I think he got back from that trip on Sunday. He leaves for guard this weekend and I am not sure when he plans to come back up which I am guessing he will do because he has a ton of stuff up here and I am not sure if he is taking Sandy with or leaving her here.

Patti had to have surgery for a fatty growth in her neck that was having problems with becoming infected. The poor dog has a rubber drainage line in her neck. Hopefully she will be OK and not be in much pain as she heals.

Basspastor said...

Well Pete took Sandy with him when he left this morning, but not before blaming my Dad for making him late to his Guard Drill this weekend. Of coarse Pete had all of this week to get his crap together. I was hoping he was gonna leave on Thurs. when he originally said he was going too.

Pete has really gotten on my Dad's nerves in the past few days. It's a good thing he's gone.

ArmchairDeity said...

Hey, Basspastor... no offense intended, just wondering: You do realize the whole world can read this, right?

Basspastor said...

Armchairdiety, Believe me, Pete knows my dad was not happy with him. I rather doubt Pete looks at MT's blog anyway. He doesn't look at my blog either.

Basspastor said...

oh Yeah, Patti is feeling much better, but she did manage to get the drain out of her neck, probably by scratching. We are just hoping Patti does not scratch out her stitches as well. She goes to the vet on Mon. 3rd but not to get the stitches out, that won't happen for a least another week.

ArmchairDeity said...

Gotcha... no biggie.

I'm glad Patti's doing OK, btw... we're fostering a dog that was pregnant and now has 5 puppies, so we've got our two, plus the mom, plus the 5 6-week-old pups around here at the moment.

It's a bit crazy here'bouts. :) Good luck at the vet.

Michael Thompson said...

Ive got over 3000 readers! or is that one who has read 3000 times?
hey BP how bout letting the derby run til the end of november, I want to start hitting those power plant nuked smallmouths so I can beat all your bass tourney friends!

Basspastor said...

Derby Deadline is November 15th. It is right there in the rules that have been up since the beginning.

If you are headed out to do some smallie fishing give me a call. If the weather is good, I might want to come down and try it now that gas isn't so spendy.

See you at the meeting on Thurs.

Michael Thompson said...

Cool, I plan on hitting it quite abit this year if the bite is going, mabye we can get Bonin to join us too! seeya