Monday, November 3, 2008

2 day backwater fishing marathon

Me and jack decided to hit the water for two full days of slab and bass seeking, since this could be the last warm weekend. We started in some sloughs early in the morning and got into some perch,bass and crappies right away. the best bait for us was a 1/64th oz jig with a power minnow. we also got some on fatheads below a slip bobber in the heavey timber.
I got most of my good largemouths on a zoom fluke jerk bait in shad colors around the wood. we also got a good amount of bass on our crappie lures, quite a battle on my panfish rod with 2 pound test! We also got some good perch and sunfish. This will probably be my last time on the river this year, time to start focusing on the big metro area walleyes, and lunker smallies up by the nuke plant! :)

big ol slabasaurus

Jack and jumbo perch

larry the largemouth

another good speck

nice pike tried to eat Jacks crappie, and irt couldn't resist my follow up with a spinnerbait!

yellow perch closeup

is it a pounder? almost!

still some fall colors

Jack vs. Jack!

End of the day comes too soon, but still another full day of fishin' to go!

Power minnow takes a good crop

a lavender rockbass???

a chunky bass on plastics

nice speck hit one of my homemade jigs!

Red oaks

pretty perch

another beauty

thanks mister larry!


good one!

some for the pan

on the road home.... wow what a weekend!

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