Sunday, December 14, 2008

CKOutdoors ice outing

A bunch of us got out for some good fun, fishing, and food, despite the wind, we had a good time.
the fish were scattered and really had to be worked, I found some in 24 ft and caught quite a few pounding a lindy fatboy jig with maggots. Others caught fish on hair jigs, and plastics got a few.
as well.
I also got to do battle with a nice pike on light line. I also got a nice burbot, my first in a few years. I played tug o war with that on 3 pound test mono, but now its in my fridge!
CK got some pics I will post here when I get em!
I think the most fun what saturday night recapping the day at CKs place looking at the pics and videos and laughing about how various fish were pulled through the hole.
And the food was great too, that spicey chilli and hot brats on the grill! mmmm!
it was good to see some of the anglers from the summer outing, and meet some new ones as well.
Andy gave me a jar full of delicious pickled crappie to take home too! more yummm!
Mabye more fish were caught, I left before noon sunday to avoid possibly getting snowed in!
here are my pics for the weekend.

CK, always up to teaching others his secrets, puts on a jig and sonar clinic

I got this beauty on 3 # mono, it was likew catching moby dick on that tiny rod !

Nice big sunfish!

nice crappie

Team ice heave works some bluegills out of the depths

one for the pan

Chilli time1

dig in!


none on the water went hungry today!

yikes! too early for there out there!

some more good keepers

Who needs a coat? a big ol slab likr this will warm your heart!

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