Saturday, December 6, 2008

Iceing some largemouths

me and jack hit the Mississippi backwaters looking for some crappies today, jack had a nice slab before I could get my line ready, (whats new.haha) but we thought it was a good sign, but it was not to be, they were really finiky, only one crappie for me today. tried all different sized jigs, plastic, hair, waxies, maggots, it was a tough bite, got into some largemouths though, good to hear the drag zip and the rod bend!
Then we went to another spot that was loaded with bluegills, they were biting good, but on the small side. I kept ten. I think jack got a few crappie there too. the wind was howling all day but my Arctic Armor suit kept me toasty warm.

First larry of the day on the Jig

Chunky bass

This one had some battle scars, and also someones hook in its jaw, I removed it before release.

pretty bucketmouth


pretty bluegill

I went in jacks fishtrap to take a break from the wind and right away nabbed this nice bass! :)>

Bassin, hole


Basspastor said...


Go to the new FOM blog and see if you can leave a comment. Gordy and Jim Bonin have, but when I did it the comments were held up for moderation. The first time my comment was left before Jim Bonin's so something is screwy.


Basspastor said...

Never mind the above message Mike.

I contacted Wayne tonight and was able to figure out from the information he gave me how to access the FOM blog.

There was a reason Gordy and Jim's comments went through and mine didn't. Luke Porter is the name of the guy who set up the club web page and blog. In responce to my comment I got an email back from him todau that said he was still in the process of setting up the blog and that he will have it ready for us to be able to contribute to the blog in a few days. He just hasn't gotten that far yet. I did not see his email until after I had figured my way into the blog controls.

At this point I am just going to let Luke finish what he was doing and leave the FOM blog alone for now.