Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nice bass through the ice

I was on the Mississippi river backwaters Saturday and found a good hole for largemouth bass. I was catching small to medium larrys pretty regularly and decided i wanted to try one of my new jigs to get some pics. I tied on a blue and white haired 64th oz and dropped it down. At first it got ignored by the smmaller fish. Then I big mark showed up on my flasher. it came up to the jig and then just stopped. I watched my spring, nothing. Then I remembered Adam's video of a big bass hitting the jig and I started giving it the same kind of action popping it up and letting it drop, then boom, down when the spring and the fight was on! It ended up being the biggest fish of the day!

A couple of big mouths

Nice fish MT!

On the tip of the lip!

Somone must have snagged it this summer, had a very large hook in its backside!

After removal, yuk!

Smiling bass about to go free with no more hook!

he was so happy he granted me three wishes and then back to the river he went!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So What'd you wish for?
I know what I'd wish for.
That nothing like that is EVER pulled from my @$$!!!!!!!!!