Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ultimate Panfish league tourney on pelican lake

We had a great turnout for the Ultimate Panfish league second tournament of the year. Sunny and the first day of above freezing weather of the year! Though it was a bit windy. Wow, was there lots of people on the lake today! I should have got more pics, it was quite a scene, but I got to concentrating on the panfish, and they were tough to come by! I never fished in the winter and neither did casey. We decidede to try a spot by and island jack told me about were he got a few sunfish the other day. We drilled some holes and started working the weedy shallows looking for the huge gills that supposed to rome the waters. I started getting a few crappies and casey saw a nice gill, so we camped there. jack and Kyle came by later and fished for a while getting some smaller fish before moving on to look for bigger ones. we decided to stay put, not knowing where else to go and running out of time. it turned out to be a good move. in the last hour I got another nice gill, and two good crappies, and Casey bagged a good sunfish that put us over the rest by one ounce.
I used fatboy jigs and gillpills tipped with red maggots in 5 to 7 ft.

Anglers starting to gather

Blast off, ice version!

pretty crappie

half pound gill

Some pesky gamefish biting my panfish jig! I lost two to bigger pike!

Another chunky sunfish on the red fatboy witha yellow ratso

Big fish of the day, a one pound crappie


Basspastor said...

If panfish ice fishing was professional bass fishing you would be Kevin Van Dam and Jack would be Skeet Reese.

BTW you should add one of those follower gadgets to your blog.

Michael Thompson said...

Good idea thanks, gadget added.
I like winning the UPL, but I would have to win the North American Icefishing world championchips to be Crappie Van Dam!

kaki nginti said...