Monday, April 20, 2009

The great pumpkin and fishing with the wookie

I went out for the maiden voyage for my semi new fishcat, I have dubbed the great pumpkin, cuz it is so big round and orange.
Andy SBF came out to try some tube fishin, i let him use my ol cat, which held him up great despite being over the size limit!
We got our sunfish on t.h.e. Jig tipped with gulp waxies, i also got fish on a JRs black and chartruse stub grub. The tiny bass and shiners followed me all around. I couldn't keep em off my baits, but we got some nice sunfish just about everywhere we tried. the crappies were in hiding or wouldn't bite, I got a couple.
All in all a fun day. I had fun just having my camers ready for some funny video of Andys first tubing adventure, but he did pretty good for a tube wookie!

Da great pumpkin!

Andy gets a gill

They would not leave me alone, puting a bigger jig on got me bass that were an inch bigger! Kept the shiners away though!

Mean looking bass

Nice shiner wookie!

only a couple of slabs today

Man overboard!


Jeff said...

Those are some nice fish man keep up the good work.

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks Jeff! though i can hardly call it "work" hahaha

Basspastor said...

Mike check this blog out:

Basspastor said...

I just noticed the blogger Greg Clusiau kind of looks like your Dad.

Basspastor said...

Mike with those little bass you catch you should get registered at The Bassholes message board and enter their Dink contests. I don't know what they give away for prizes but I bet it's pretty good. The prizes I won there for winning the Bassmaster Classic Top 12 contest were awesome.

Michael Thompson said...

Hey BP looks like a possible new dogfish bowfin master is coming up.
This kid is getting some over 10 pounds, he is also stirring the pot at a certain forum by posting about some of the other fish he gets in the spring while fishing the doggies, like someone else I know? hehehe

Basspastor said...

Thanks for the heads up Mike. That Fishing Pals site looks a lot nicer than it used to, at least what I remember.

I'll have to look for the controversy on I know people kind of nailed that kid there when he said the smallest bass he caught last year was 2.5lbs.

Tonight a guy right next to me caught a 4lb doggy at the GOMH. He kept it and said something about grinding it up. I am not sure if it was for his family or if he is a farmer.

Anonymous said...

Great looking pickup. And the mileage is fantastic! I see the gas prices are on there way up already, so that is really going to pay off. Gas prices are about 15% higher here in the last week. Doesn't hurt us much because we don't put on many miles.
Keep up the good work on the blog. We enjoy it very much.