Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upper red Lake Walleye action

Me and jack headed up north in search of some monster crappies. First stop was Upper Red Lake. We motored all around trying different spots looking for the famous slabs of URL, but none could be found. Most everyone said that we were a couple weeks too early because of the cold water. i think they would bite if you found them, but we didn't. Decided to try and get some walleyes for supper. We started throwing plastics, Gulp! and Rapalas and got a few bigger fish. Jack got the biggest at over 26 inches. We couldn't get fast action or eater sized though. We saw that the boats using minnows were having lots of bites, so we went in and bought a scoop of fatheads. After that it was easy as hooking a minnow and dropping it over the side on a 1/8 oz leadhead in 9 ft just off the drop off. we caught tons of slot fish 18 to 20 inches, and enough legal keepers (they have to be under 17 inches) to have a good fish fry

Nice fish from the big pond!

Jacks big one

typical slot fish about to hit the water

a rare glass calm URL! We decided we had enough slot walleyes and to head out to some other lakes for panfish...

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