Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wisconsin Opener

I got out with the fishers of men club for some walleye and bass action. Bass pundit dave Maas brought my little bass boat down for some bassin' he has the full report HERE
I had guessed the fishin would be tough with the cold clear water. I thought finesse tactics like 4 pound mono, and light weights with small plastics would be the ticket. I was partly right. I got a few smaller fish on that and pike, but my only two keeper bass gave in to a 64th ounce plastic jig with 2 pount test!
No one in our group got any walleyes.
My trip was saved by old reliable panfish! I got plenty of good keeper crappies and bluegills up to almost 10 inches.

nice sunset on the cruise up friday night

BP get the first largemouth

He also caught the most zzzzz s

First pike, I thought it was a walleye when it stayed deep but no dice..

First keeper bass, 15.5 inches

big gills!!


Jeff said...

As always great pictures, it seem that every gill in palm sized up there. We should start getting big gill here soon I hope.


Michael Thompson said...

Thanks Jeff

hehe, it only seems, i get plenty of smaller ones, only take pics of either the biggest, or best colored sunfish.