Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bass in the grass

I got out for a while sunday afternoon. I started for bluegills, but only got a few small ones. I started looking for some bass action on the deep weedline, only one bite rigging a black and blue power lizard.
as the sun went down I moved up shallow and threw a sizmec toad, buzzing it across the grass and letting it sink in the pockets. I connected with a fish on the first cast! It hit on the drop and I didn't even know I had a bite til it started going sideways with it! I pulled its head out of the water on thehookset but didn't get the hook in and it let go. I cast back and let it sink, then hopped it off the bottom a few times and it bit again, got em, about a 2 pounder.
As it got darker they really started busting the toad on top, sometimes coming completly out of the water on the strike! got a few, missed a few, nothing big, just enough for a little action.

Typical size

Auqua van! we tried to push it out but it just kept digging down deeper.
finally a pickup pulling a boat came up, and if he wanted to launch he would have to pull the van out first, which he did.

more bassin action

grass bass on the toad

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