Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More panfish, with the flyrod

I got out for a few hours in the tube Sunday evening for some panfish action on my 3 wt flyrod.
I started out with a bead head sinking bee pattern I made. Got quite a few on that. when the winds went down, I switched to a popper, and they really hit that thing! something hit anytime I got that popper anywhere near the pads and weeds! Lots of nice sunfish, nothing huge, and lots of largemouth bass that were a handful on that little rod for sure! A fun evening of fishin in the books!

popper ambush!
Bee fly starting to come apart from sunfish chewing on it

the bass were really smacking on top too

i wasn't the only one fishin'

funny bass

here is its tiny dorsal fin, it actually worked too. I wonder if it was a fish similar to this one that inspired the name Micropterus (small fin)

bass release, normal fin

nice gill on topwater!

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analog said...

it is really great fish pics......
I like this very much........

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