Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy day crappies 4-24

The wind and rain were stirring up the water and the crappies were biting. Working throught the weeds with a small jig and tube produced a fish on almost every cast, but many were small. I switched to a roadrunner with a two and a half inch gulp minnow, and that kept the smaller fish off, but I was missing many strikes. I then switched to a cordell rattle bait with two trebles on it and got a way better hooking percentage. I got a lot less bites, but the fish I got were keepable sized. Not huge slabs, but fine for metro area lakes


Dave Anderson said...


I am committed to catching some crappies on small crankbaits this year however I am surprised they would hit something that big! Do you get a lot of bass that way?

Michael Thompson said...

Hi Dave. I have caught crappies on a no 11 floating rapala, so I knew they would not have a problem hitting the 2 inch rattle bait. I got no bass just crappies and a couple of perch.