Monday, April 5, 2010

Shallow panfish action heats up! 4-4

Nice weather after Easter dinner had me checking out some lakes for shore fishing possibilities sunday. The first lake I went to didn't look good, the spot that usually is on fire on warm spring days was dead, dirty water and quite a few dead bullhead and sunfish floating near shore didnt help my confidence. after a few casts I bailed and went to check out another small lake. I got there and the water was clear, though really low. I cast out a jighead with two nuggies a foot below a float, as soon as it hit the water it was gone! it was a small bass, next cast boom! a nice 'gill. after that it was non stop action with gills crappies and a few bass.
I tried a panfish flyrod popper behind the float and they really ate that up too.
I tried a crappie thunder plastic on a roadrunner and nailed a nice crappie right away, but then started getting small bass. Switched to hair jigs and those worked well for the sunfish, towards evening switched to a black and green culprit paddletail and wacked some good crappies, they kept biting even after I could not see the float, but i could still feel the bites. A great way to kick off the season!

Nice sunfish 8 to 9 inchers

A few green carp couldnt resist the tantilizing nuggies even though they were stuffed with shiners already!

crappie thunder!

"slab daddy" jig caught only 'gills today

they were hitting topwaters good too


Dave Anderson said...

nice gills!

MNAngler said...

Those are some gorgeous fish.

I was out Saturday scoping out some of the local lakes up here in the Northern suburbs. The water was so low, there was only about a foot of water at the end of the fishing piers. The only lake that looked promising was so stained, I could only see a few inches down.

Will have to explore some more so I can take the kiddies for some panfishing.

Esox Fever said...

Soon you have change the icefishing stuff by the t-shirt.

Nice catches, congratulations.