Thursday, June 24, 2010

After Work Pond hopping

I was out in the west metro waiting in my pickup to see if I would get anymore work, when I decided to get out and walk around by a small lake that I drive by all the time but never seen to much fishing going on. I was at a park and saw thick green weeds all around making it hard for shore fishing, but i rounded the bend and found a small dock. I walked out to the end and saw some tiny young of the year sunfish darting about, then I saw something swirl in the lilly pads! I went back to the truck and got my rod, rigged it up with a jig and a yellow glow tube, and gave it a go. i was hoping it would hold some big green sunfish, since it was a shallow pond known to winterkill.
I flicked it under the dock and nailed this nice hybrid sunfish.!

No more action under the dock after that, so I turned my attention to the slop where I saw some fish movement.

And quickly nailed this chunky bluegill. not huge, but it sure has one mean looking bump on its head!

I kept working the heavy weeds and missed a couple, then was rewarded with this nice colored bull 'gill

I then got a small greenie with a big appetite, then that was it for that spot.

I wanted to get some more action somewhere, so I went north a ways and tried some other ponds I drive by from time to time. The first pond had the species I was looking for, but they were pretty small, plus there was a ton of annoying 7 inch yellow perch to contend with.

medium green

small but fat green

even small fish have good color

I found another small pond on the other side of the hill that had crystal clear water. not a sunfish to be seen, it seemed to be full of small largemouth bass and nothing else. I had a little fun with the bass and called it a night.

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serotonine said...

hehe very nice, i just cant wait to go to fishing next week