Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Big Panfish action 5/29-31

Me and jack hit some good panfish this weekend. Water temps were in the upper 60s, perfect for shallow panfish seeking, and they were not hard to find! We started off in the alex area and were getting a bite on just about every cast sight fishing plastics around docks and pencil reeds.
We got some pretty good sized crappies up to 12 inches, the sunfish were mostly small to medium. We decided to head further up north to look for bigger fish. we ended up fishing some lakes up by pelican rapids, and found nicer fish on the same patterns, though many crappies were in the thickest cover and you couldn't see them, but they couldn't see us either, I got many nice ones by using a long rod and dropping it in the holes in the reeds, watching my line, almost like ice fishing. My best bait for the weekend was a black and yellow culprit paddle tail. I got some nice ones on gulp alive minnows and plastic twister tails put fish in the boat too, mostly tightlining or sight fishing with 1/32 oz leadheads, though we did use some floats when we found pods of fussier "gills. We also caught lots of bass and rockbass, a few pike too. All fish were releases except 8 crappies for dinner.

Nice "bull" 'gill

Jack got this Mule toward the end of the last day. He saw the fish and worked it for quite a while befor it gave in and bit!

slab for me. they were like cookie cutter fish11 to 12.5 inchers all over!

bigg gill

nice seed

Bluegill beds in an Alex area lake

very red redeye!

Weird blue sunfish, very vivid blue coloring, the photo does not do it justice. Mabye a mutant or hybrid or both?

mean looking 'gill, look at that tooth!

crappie release

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