Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Super shallow panfish on plasics 4-9

I got out to the Alexandria area for what could be the last ice outing of the season. I found many panfish really close to the bottom of the ice, mabye feeding on flies emerging in the holes, or on baitfish eating the flies.
You could see them clearly, I made a few videos of strikes I will post later, but they were skittish about any movement above the holes and I got more and bigger fish staying back from the hole and watching the line. The best bait was a jumbo wedgee in red glow or pink, got some on black too. Also iced some fish on a 1.5 inch radical glow blue tube.


John said...

It's only been a week since my last ice outing of the year and I already miss it. Don't push the season too far Michael, stay dry!

Michael Thompson said...

If I wear my waders with the wader belt tight, and my kayak paddling jacked and pfd over that, I can fall through the ice all the way in, and climb out without even getting wet. But really, I am done, its been a long season, every weekend since thanksgiving, and its time for a break. i am sure I will have new reports soon when I break out the kayak and float tube!