Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend panfish frenzy 4/2-3

Me and Andy decided to do another up north panfish chase for the weekend. it landed us on a small lake up north of grand rapids where I heard from a few that panfishing was great. We got to the landing and saw there were still trucks going out. the landing looked pretty rough, but I figured if I got up enough speed I could make it trough the water fine.
I was right, but unfortunately I did not see the ruts out about 500 ft from the old ice road covered in a slushy layer of snow. My right side wheels whent down in that and I was stuck good. Good thing Nathan was there with his big 4X4 to pull me out. It came out easy, and I was able to drive back to dry land! Greg Clusiau from the life and times in the great outdoors blog was there too and got a good laugh at my ice trucking flop.
Finally got to fishing and it was a slow start with small perch and a few sunfish. We then tried by a point and I got a nice rockbass and a few sunfish. then they had to go, so I got a ride back to the landing and parked my ranger closer on the road and walked down to keep fishing. as the day wore on the bite got really good, with lots of nice bluegills, then nicer crappies moved in to finish the day.
Sunday we woke up in grand rapids to slushy snow falling with nasty winds.
we decided to scrap our plan to hit leech lake and head south. Doug was out on Pelican lake near Monti and gave us a great report of a good bite and sunny weather. we ended up going down there meeting up with Doug, Terry, and Boone and getting a bunch of nice panfish again. there was actually a hatch going on with flies emerging from the holes.
I wish I had pics from sunday, but I forgot to put the memory card back in after loading pics from saturday.


MNAngler said...

I'm amazed you were still on the ice this past weekend even as close the metro as Monti. We tried Pelican a few weeks ago without much of anything. But we went in not knowing where to go and just followed the crowd.

In another week, I'm sure I'll see you floating on a metro lake in your tube.

Michael Thompson said...

yeah, this weekend I will have to decide wether to chase last ice, or play in the water around here...