Saturday, April 5, 2008

Open water!

Whens to the river looking for the massive walleyes that were biting a few weeks ago. met a couple of yak fishers from the fishing minnesota forums and wet a line. we got lots of sun and fresh air, a few snags, but it was nice to be back in the water again!

Yak fishie

Huey looking for the big one

floating down stream

frozen waterfall

Blooming silver maples, a good sign of spring!

A "reele" nicely decked out yak

Lot of boats out fishin was good, catching not so good, no one was getting a bite

Mendota bridge

Another "rock" bass

My catch for the day!


Basspastor said...

What did I miss at the FOM meeting? My brother was in town from FL so I was spending time with him and his family.

Michael Thompson said...

Gary shinstead shared about his trip to canada with bob mesekomer to film a smallmouth trip for one of his tv shows, then we watched the show, he got some big smallies and a couple of pike over 40 inches

BWS said...

Looks like a great time and nice to be on open water once again..