Monday, April 21, 2008

Saturday fishing on pool 4 and 5

I got to fish with Jack in the boat today, we started on pool 4 by wabasha. we tried an area that is good in the fall for largemouths and crappie, I got 2 pike for the effort and missed something.
I got them on a rattlein rouge stickbait in shallow weedy flat areas.
We then tried another backwater area that usually produces alot of bass and panfish.
Tried in the middle with no bites.
We got near shore and started working the shore by some flooded trees. Jack promptly pulls in a 3 pound smallmouth near some trees! I pitch a big ring-N tube by a fallen tree root and nail a nice smallie too! I thought we were really into them, but after working that spot hard and also up and down the shore, nothing would bite. But, i got the fishin year started anyhow, yeah!

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