Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Minnetonka ice outing

I met up with some guys from CKOutdoors on lake Minnetonka. it was too cold to stand around and shoot the bull, so i went at the ice drilling and fishing 15 to 20 holes at various depths. I found plenty of fish willing to bite, but the were all tiny sunfish and perch. I got one pike around three pounds on a fatboy jig tipped with maggots. After a while I got tired of fishing, went in Andy's portable to hang out, and he cooked me up some brats with jalepeno chees filling! yummm. Went over to oles portable and chatted for a whille and caught a few young perch too.
Afterwards I procedded to my van for a short nap. Everyone left but andy. we decided to fish til dark hoping for a crappie bite to kick in. Some crappies did move in and I was able to goad a couple into taking T.H.E. jig, but they were not big enough to hold our interest in the bitter cold, so we packed it up. I kept nothing but went home with two big jars of pickled pike thanks to Andy and Mike!


My only decent bluegill out of 30 or so

Nighttime crappies on the jig


Auston Hensley said...

Hi Michael--

This is Auston from CleanMPG. I was banned for voicing my opinion about global cooling. Now Wayne is stealing all of my material and passing it off as his own.

Please E-Mail me at as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

MT Better get your mounters Sast. they're saying bad things about Pelican. on the web sites.
Good luck out there.