Thursday, March 19, 2009

after work sunfishin'

I got out for a bit of fishing after work, plenty of daylight thanks to daylight savings time! I met casey on the lake and he already had some holes drilled. The ice was a foot thick but starting to get pretty dark and soft, open water will soon be here!
he got a nice sunnie right away, and soon I had one too. I was using a flier spoon with maggots. Casey was having more action on a smaller jig. He was using a powerbnoodle rod and he let me try it, i really liked it! it was as sensitive as a spring on the tip, but still had the feel you tend to lose with a spring. i know it will be on my shopping list for next winter!

Casey with big sunfish

nice one for me

two perch on one lure!

Powernoodle gill

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dlindmark said...

awesome pics, Mike. Sorry I get on your case sometimes about taking so many pictures. I really do like seeing them.

Dave L