Monday, March 23, 2009

Last shot at late ice big gills in the metro area

I got out Saturday for one last late ice fling in the metro area and the big slab sunfish came out to play! They were not biting fast and furious, but the size was pretty good! They were biting right under the ice 1 to 2 ft down, you could sight fish without a fishtrap just fine. i got my fish on fatboy jigs tipped with red maggots. Jack got some nice ones on plastics too. he also got a couple of good crappies.

Golden shiner!

Huge bucketmouth!

I love big bluegills, mabye a little too much!


Basspastor said...

That little bass would have been a perfect candidate for The Bassholes forum March dink contest.

Terry said...

You see all this coverage in the 'sporting' media for exotic species but it's the lowly bluegill that captures the interest and imagination of fishermen of 5 years or 85.

Such beautiful fish they are too. Thanks for the great photos! Your smile says it all.

Michael Thompson said...

Thanks for your comment terry!
bluegills are great! Most people dont get it! oh well, more fish for me then! :)

Terry said...

No sooner than I made that comment and this past weekend they showed Shaw Grigsby catching great big 'gills down in sunny Florida.

Of course he couldn't just catch them conventionally, he had to get them using some new mini-crankbait that (Conveniently) his sponsor sells.

Thanks again for the "Media bombardment-free" pics and stories!

Michael Thompson said...

Hi Terry
I have no problem with capitalism
If that crankbait co. offered me mucho denero to PLUG there products (sorry I couldn't resist :p ) I would post some pics for them! But for now I will continue relying on the day job! ;-)

Best fishes~