Sunday, March 29, 2009

Late march multi species action!

Well, after a couple of weeks of nice weather , winter is back in the northland!
when winter is here, ice fishing is dear, so off to the hard water I went!
I was invited last week up to the Alex area for some pan fish action. The ice was plenty hard, but really bumpy and hard to walk on. We tried the spot that was producing last weekend, but nothing around but tiny perch, We moved in near shore and cut some holes, and it was fish on right away, Only it was a walleye!
We tried a little longer but nothing was there.
We tried cutting a few more holes with out any action. I ended up hitting some holes left behind by other anglers who I saw picking up some fish before leaving, so i went over and found a reed bet there in 8 ft of water! kind of strange, but it was a good spot! We got lots of crappies and sunfish with an occasional largemouth bass to spice things up! I started with a fatboy and red maggots, tried upsizing to a flyer spoon with no success, then went to a medium ratso plastic to target crappies, as the maggots were getting too many smaller gills


Basspastor said...

Those are some nice pictures. I figured you were gonna be on the river this weekend.

BWS said...

Another great outing you had, always enjoy these

Anonymous said...

My what's your e-mail?
Trout a snap'n!

Michael Thompson said...

I would like to hit the river but the water is too high and it is just been too cold.
also if you post comments here they end up in my email too...