Monday, May 3, 2010

Float tubin' action 5-1

Me and Casey hit a lake I have heard has big panfish in it. We fished hard for over an hour with me not getting a bite, and Casey getting a largemouth bass. He mentioned a small lake he heard might have some fish, and would be small enough to get out of the wind. I was skeptical, but the smell of skunk was approaching, so I relented, off we were to try a new lake. We got there and it was barely a lake, more of a pond, but it was nice and calm, so we put the tubes in and kicked out past the thick curleyleafed pondweed. Soon we were into fish, they were everywhere, mediocre crappies and nice 'gills. along the weedline and out suspended in the middle too. I did not have my sonar and couldnt get depths, but it didn't seem that deep. We got all panfish, no pesky pike or bass. We got them all tightlining plastics on 1/32 oz jigheads, cast and retrieve, slow troll behind the tube, or vertical jigging worked good. the best bait for me was a red and white glow tube. Casey got some on a paddel tail too.

Someone call the fun police! he is having way too much haha!


MNAngler said...

Got the tube out already, eh? We'll have to hook up this year so you can show me the ropes.

Great pics, as usual.

Michael Thompson said...

already? I am usually out right after ice out, was lazy this year!
I got all the gear if you want to try it sometime let me know!