Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend fishing 5/22-23

I got out on clearwater saturday morning befor the GEM even and we got some nice panfish before the storm hit in the shallows. long casts with a weighted float 3 ft above a small jig with a paddletail toward the reeds.
Sunday we went out to waconia sunday and found really warm water over 70 degrees. We found some crappies in the shallows. the spawn is just about over, the fish we caught were spawned out. Then we moved to another area and found huge areas of very hungry bluegills! Thet were really feeding getting ready for their spawning time. Some males were already starting to make beds. we got some nice ones on whatever we cast that would fit in their mouth. I forgot my camera memory card in my computer so no pics sunday, bummer!

Nice black crappie

nice bass on the crappie pole!

One very nicely colored pumpkinseed-greensunfish cross!

We got out again for a bit in the evening with Dave and Eric from GEM , but nothing much was happening


Basspastor said...

The Derby is AWWWWN like Donkey Kong!!!

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