Friday, February 4, 2011

Early morning panfish action

We finally got enough daylight to make it worth getting out early before work for some panfish chasing!
We decided to go back to Minnetonka, and see if any more of those monster mules was in last weeks spot. If they were, they didn't bite! But we had lots of panfish action making it well worth getting up for!
I decided to travel light, since I need to keep space in my truck for work all day. I grabbed a couple of rods and my folding A-rest chair and a box of jigs and plastics. I did not use a flasher, didn't really need one as we were in 9 ft. I got mine jigging up and down in the lower 4 ft mostly.
I tried the blue radical glow tube rigged backwards on a eye candy jig before it got light. I had one right away, and got a few more too with it.
I like to try new things when the bite is good, helps me gain confidence in them.
I got most of my fish on a gold tungsten with a glow nuggie.


John said...

Great post Michael, and as always, stunning imagery.

Michelle said...

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