Friday, February 25, 2011

pond hop 2-18

I got out to a small pond where they were planning a kids clinic to scout it out for fishy spots. as soon as I got there it started to snow pretty good. I whent to the far end of the pond where the fishing pier was think that would be the deep area. wrong! only 5 ft
I started cutting holes towards where I got on. it started dropping off.
No fish were marked on my flasher, but I did pull up some small shiners while cutting holes.
Then I got the call that the event was canceled because of the snow.
I fished a few of the holes, even using a
my super micro palm rod to see if I could hook a shiner or tiny perch, but the snow was piling up and I had to drive out of the valley with my 2 wd ranger, so I bailed. Skunk!

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